Martin Lock – Door to Moor

This friend runs safari trips onto Exmoor. If you virtually want to guarantee seeing deer, Martin is your man. http://www.doortomoor.co.uk/

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Dont paint or draw another stag Alan…..Errr..

  Wasnt going to , but been working on a long landscape drawing. Then this photo from FB friend crops up..How could I refuse.. Good old mess at moment. He looks kinda low in painting. But need to get those big antlers in.               Plenty progress now. working on ears…

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Something new.

Need to paint more scenery me thinks. Always wanting to push the boundaries of my capabilities. So started this woodland scene. It might go horribly wrong. But that’s beauty painting with digital. If it goes wrong , nothing wasted. I am safe with a pencil as colour not needed. But I seriously struggle with colour…Cant…

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Latest drawing progress.

I tend to sit on sofa in evenings as well as having on going painting upstairs. This is start made while on stall yesterday. Sales were good too for time year as place so empty. Finished Owl

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Lets go…Leopard….

Inspired by TV program about big cats…Lovely blue sky back ground & Leopard in full flight…Lets see if ican add  some speed to it over coming weeks…..! Just get some paint slapped in there….. Eyes not going too bad Starting to get face together a bit Actually thought spots were going be biggest problem…But so…

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Market days..

In effort to get my work out there do few local markets. This is at Tiverton. Can be bit of hard slog as people dont really go to markets looking for art. Just looking to buy cheap pants….But few craft stalls. It’s good fun if not a little cold. I sit there drawing on what…

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