About Me

My Style

I have always made an awful mess with paints, being confined to the garage, where it makes the least mess. Then about year ago I was introduced to digital Art. Which has meant a huge difference to me.

No more mess, wasted paper, canvases or paint. Some purists poo poo it, but millions of people are painting & drawing this way now.

Digital Art

To create in digital, you use a digital pad with a digital pen. You can use the one pen as any medium. It can be a brush, pencil, roller, spray gun, eraser etc. You name it, every medium & colour is there, every paint brush pallet knife and anything you ever wanted. All you have to do is use your art skills to paint & draw. For me, this now means, I can paint in the comfort of the house rather than the garage!

It is expensive to begin with but once you spend on that initial out lay. It saves a fortune in paints, brushes (which are very expensive) and canvases etc. I urge anyone to try it. For me, now I have tried it, there is no going back. It's Great for beginners and is also very conducive with home printing, meaning I can do everything from drawing, printing and framing the art work at home making it much more affordable.

If you want to find out more about Art Rage - the platform I use to create with click here

Pencil art

Despite the benefits of painting in digital I still feel the most comfortable with pencil, I like the feel the pencil on the paper. On top of that it's really difficult to make a mess with pencil.

Framing and mounting

I also frame and mount a lot of my work so many of my pieces can be available with different frames if requested.


It’s not hard to paint something you are so passionate about.

My inspiration is from the country side & wild life around me. I use my photography for a reference. Me, the Wife Ilona & Reg the cocker-spaniel are always out along the cliffs, beaches and woods. There is a lot of time spent up on Exmoor looking for Red Deer and other wildlife.

We have had days when seen over 100 deer. They inspire me a lot in my painting and I use my photography to decide which ones I would  like to paint. It’s not hard to paint something you are so passionate about.


Thanks for looking, see you on Exmoor!