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Learn about my artwork, inspirations and what else I get up to in my blog. See how a picture is made and the process I go through to framing and stretching them onto canvas, it aint easy!

Martin Lock – Door to Moor

April 16, 2018

This friend runs safari trips onto Exmoor. If you virtually want to guarantee seeing deer, Martin is your man. http://www.doortomoor.co.uk/

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Dont paint or draw another stag Alan…..Errr..

March 28, 2018

  Wasnt going to , but been working on a long landscape drawing. Then this photo from FB friend crops up..How could I refuse.. Good old mess at moment. He looks kinda low in painting. But need to get those big antlers in.               Plenty…

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Something new.

February 14, 2018

Need to paint more scenery me thinks. Always wanting to push the boundaries of my capabilities. So started this woodland scene. It might go horribly wrong. But that’s beauty painting with digital. If it goes wrong , nothing wasted. I am safe with a pencil as colour not needed. But…

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About me

I am a  self-taught artist, born & bred in the  Westcounty.  As a kid I liked to draw & paint. I remember going to an exhibition, & thought  I could do that. So, I went home & proved it.

It’s only been a hobby for a long time, despite people pestering me to sell my work but being a laid back Westcountry man, I never got around to it.

My main love is Pencil. I was going to give up painting as being self taught I was poor at mixing colours. Then was introduced to Digital.. Which suites me better for painting. I can use fine lines like in my drawings now. If I get a colur mix right I can save it & not waster buckets of paint like I used to. It's great for reproduction too , with accurate colour reprints. Think it's the way forward. No wastage , that has to be a good thing.